Believe, Dream, and Love
I can tell you that Emma and Hook are gonna go on their very first date.
Eddy Kitsis, Watch with Kristen (x)


I cant imagine something more romantic for him to have done and sacrifice for her

and it represents so many things for him in his life.. represents a lifestyle, represents his comrades & his friends and people closest to him so its pretty deep thing for him to sacrifice for her

and you’ll see in season 4 that she’s very well aware of how deep that sacrifice was and it may come off for a period of time as if she doesnt appreciation that or is going to be incapable of moving past her demons alittle bit but you’ll see that, you’ll eventually see why all of it is playing out the way it is, and those puzzle pieces will start to make sense, there’s just time it takes to get there


#parallels lol



Yes love the lingo



While I firmly believe Emma was the catalyst that helped spark Hook’s redemption arc, I think it’s important to note:

It wasn’t just Leia who inspired Han Solo to stay with the Rebellion…it was also Luke.

Just saying.