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Scoop on Hook’s wardrobe change? :D For example When it is and who initiates it, Hook himself or does he get help ^^?

Indeed a change is coming and fun as the new look might be, Colin O’Donoghue admitted Hook has one small qualm with sporting more modern clothes. “I think he misses his big…


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Once Upon A Time: Hits highest rated episode since 2x06 (Tallahassee)  


Emma’s parallels with Anna in this episode extended to her sacrificing some romantic moments to help Regina, much like Anna did by putting her marriage on hold to go on her journey. But, as is usually the case with Emma, it’s more complicated than her simply needing time to help Regina at the expense of spending time with Hook.

This is all new for Emma, as was shown in her nice little moment of girl talk with her mom (much more of this, please!). Just like I loved the fact that Elsa’s fears about herself and her magic didn’t immediately go away, I loved that one genuine kiss between Emma and Hook didn’t magically erase all of Emma’s fears and insecurities. Opening your heart to love isn’t done in one moment; it’s a process, and it’s one I’m eager to watch both Emma and Hook go through this season. I’m especially eager to see Hook fight for Emma’s happiness the way Emma is fighting for Regina’s (and everyone else’s). His annoyance with Emma’s “there’s a crisis” deflection was a perfect echo of what her father told her last season (and what he helped her mother discover before she was born); you can’t put your happiness on hold until there are no more crises.

Emma is still the woman who said that the life she wanted (a happy, peaceful life with a stable relationship) wasn’t in the cards for the savior. She needs someone like Hook to remind her that she can be the savior and have a life full of love and happiness. Her job is to fight for everyone to have their happy endings, and his job seems to be to remind her to fight for her own, too—even if that happiness is just a night in watching Netflix. He may not know what that is yet, but one look at his smile proved that all he needed to know was that it was a chance to spend time with Emma. Emma needs that as much as she needs his support of her magic. She needs someone who loves seeing her embrace her magical side but also simply wants to spend time with her as Emma.

Hook isn’t afraid to be honest with Emma, and his openness has made her more open in return. It was nice to see them talk through the issue of Emma avoiding him instead of just letting it fester. What I loved most about that little moment in the woods was the fact that Emma didn’t run away from him when things got too deep like she used to do. In fact, she smiled at him when he called her out for avoiding him (another lovely moment of subtle acting by Jennifer Morrison) instead of rolling her eyes or stiffening up like she used to. She was honest with him about her guilt over Regina, but, of course, Hook read her like an open book and knew there was more.

In the past, Hook being able to see right through her defenses would have freaked Emma out; it would have made her push him away or just turn and walk away from him without another word. However, this isn’t the same Emma. She may still have things to work through emotionally before she can let herself completely dive into this relationship, but she’s trying. And she wanted him to know that. So she did the only thing she could do to prove that the other reason she was avoiding him wasn’t because she didn’t want him; she kissed him. Once again, it was Emma initiating a kiss between them, making the choice to show him that she does want to make this work, even if she still has things to work though.

Then, Emma told him two words that are so important for her character growth: “Be patient.” Like her saying “Good” in “Going Home,” this was Emma giving Hook the most she could give at that time. She may not be ready to tell him exactly what’s holding her back, but she wants him to know that she’s hopeful she’ll overcome it and be able to give him the love he deserves. Emma was once someone who tried to push people away because she feared they would leave anyway. But she’s not that woman anymore. Instead, she’s trying to be more open, and she needed Hook to know that she wants whatever they have and could have.


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